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Nescafe & Go Foil Sealed Cup Drinks

Oust All Purpose Limescale Cleaner Remover / Descaler – 3 Sachets

£2.25 ex VAT.

£2.70 inc VAT.

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Oust All Purpose Limescale Cleaner Remover / Descaler - 3 Sachets

£2.25 ex VAT.

£2.70 inc VAT.

In stock

Ideal for Kettles, Coffee Machines & The Nescafe & Go Machine.

Looking for a fast, easy and effective way to descale your home appliances? Oust All Purpose Descaler gets to work in just 10 minutes to remove limescale form kettle, irons and more.

Great for use on the Nescafe & Go Machine.

3 sachets
Super fast acting
Use on kettles, irons and more


To descale your machine please follow the instructions below using the Oust descaler:

If your machine has a serial number starting with, or greater than 0317, you will need to start the drain process by holding down the dispense button while turning on the rocker switch at the side of your machine. The led light will show orange and the machine will dispense as long as the push button is pressed.

For serial numbers lower than 0317, to drain the water tank please use the following process:
It’s very important to follow this procedure correctly. When draining the tank, it’s really important to keep your finger down on the button for at least 10 seconds.

If you’re using a container to catch the water, each time you empty it hold your finger down for at least 10 seconds again. This will make sure the water tank is completely empty, please check inside by lifting the lid.Disconnect the Nescafe & Go machine from the mains supply and allow to cool completely

Unlock & open the lid
Remove as much scale as possible by hand, paying particular attention to the level probe. (White plastic fitting located at the front wall of the tank)
Extra care should be taken not to damage the probe.
Half fill the tank with water and carefully drop the WHOLE bag of descaler into the tank.
Switch machine on and wait until green light shows.
Leave for 10 minutes
Turn off machine at the boiler & at the mains – ALLOW TO COOL
Remove the bag and drain the solution away as per draining process
Fill tank and drain fully twice, failure to do so may leave an after taste

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