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Lakeland Whole Milk 120 x 12ml Portions - pots - jiggers

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The classic plastic jigger pots ideal for hospitality trays, camping, hotel rooms and more. Each one contains 12ml of whole milk. Perfect for teas and coffees, these Lakeland while milk UHT cartons are the perfect creamy component for making any Hot Drink. These handy 12ml whole milk pots from Lakeland are ideal for busy offices without fridges, corporate events or for back up when nobody has picked the milk up from the store. People are often surprised how fresh the milk tastes.

The Lakeland whole milk pots are portioned to avoid waste when putting milk out in large quantities. The Long shelf life on the these Lakeland whole milk pots means you donäó»t have to worry about milk going off while out of the fridge. 120 Individual milk pots.

120 Individual Whole Milk Jiggers