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Here at Vending Superstore, we are huge fans of a good cup of tea. Whether you’re sitting down with your feet up after a long day or just waking up, nothing can beat the perfect brew. In fact, we’re such huge tea lovers that we’ve made it possible to have a drink just about anywhere.

We stock and supply vending machine tea suitable for all types of machines. We stock both freeze dried instant granules and vending leaf tea from PG Tips, one of the nation’s favourite cuppas.

This vending tea has been specially formulated for beverage dispense systems such as vending machines. Each pack comes in a foil sealed pouch to ensure and preserve freshness. Vending machines don’t have to dispense second-rate tea and here’s the proof.

Freeze Dried Vending Tea

Freeze dried instant tea granules are suitable for machines that require an ‘instant’ tea and have a gram throw of 0.5g per 200ml cup (7oz vending size). This gives an impressive 200 cups of fresh and delicious tea from a 100g bag. That’s a lot of tea and at a great price, too.

Because freeze dried leaf vending machine tea locks in flavour, the true taste of PG Tips is retained, even whilst sitting in a dispensing system. Whether it’s staff, visitors, or of course, yourself, having a cuppa, there’s no quality lost from the refreshing PG Tips taste that we all know and love.

Vending Leaf Tea

Leaf tea is designed for freshbrew vending systems. The leaf tea we supply at Vending Superstore comes in impressive 1kg bags. Each bag is able to get as many as 400 cups at a gram throw of 22.5g for each 200ml cup (7oz vending size).

Freshbrew machines differ from other systems as they use leaf tea rather than granules to deliver a tasty, crisp cup of tea each and every time. If you have a freshbrew machine, leaf tea is ideal.

PG Tips have put an incredible emphasis on delivering the very best products available. Once you’ve put the cup to your lips, you’ll want another cup straight away.

Ethically Sourced

We all want to do our bit for the environment and purchasing PG Tips vending machine tea from Vending Superstore provides an added bonus. PG Tips is Rainforest Alliance certified which means they will help protect the environment and provide decent living and working conditions for workers and their families.

That means that you’ll be getting the best tasting vending tea that has been responsibly and ethically sourced. Everybody wins and nobody gets a bad deal, just as it should be.

Need Us? We’re Right Here

We love tea and we love talking tea even more. We like to consider ourselves experts in the fine art of a brew and we’d be more than happy to take any questions or queries that you might have.

Simply get in touch with us and a member of our friendly and helpful team will be on hand to guide you through anything on your mind.

Give us a call on 01773 252052 or get in touch using via email by visiting our contact page.