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String & Tag Teabags

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These Tetley drawstring teabags are made to avoid drips so you keep all the Tetley’s flavour in your cup not your worktop. With this pack of 100 value for money pack you can be sure to keep the office hydrated.

100 drawstring Tetley tea bags.

Tetley’s classic breakfast blend combines full-bodied teas from around the world to create a rich, refreshing tea smooth enough to enjoy all day long.

100 String & Tag Tea Bags
100% Black Tea
Enjoy With or Without Milk

String and tag teabags are designed for mug use, something which might upset some teapot purists. It is however, an undeniable fact that tags and strings make a very convenient method for mug tea drinkers to dip and take out their teabags with. No more of the messy spoon fishing method that splashes tea all over the place, we want to make your cuppas better.

At Vending Superstore, we are very happy to accommodate your mug drinking habits with our range of string and tag teabags. Where a pot of tea has more of an air of grandeur about it, there’s something simple and deliberate about mug-brewed tea; you choose exactly how many people it’s being made for. We are firm believers in giving you the choice to make your tea however you want. That’s why we offer teabags of all kinds, including string and tag, and a variety of brands and blends to give you the most choice possible. Your tea, your way.

The Tea to Suit You

Tea is a very special thing – everyone has their favourite brand and blend. When you find your favourite, you remain fiercely loyal to it, like it’s your football team. That’s why we are offering so many different brands, blends and ways of making your tea.

Here at Vending Superstore, we want to make sure that you can get the tea that you love, whether it comes with a tag, string or nothing at all. We’ve got tag and string teabags from PG Tips. PG Tips are named as such, because they only use the top two leaves and bud of each plant, to ensure the best quality and best tasting cuppa. It’s this quality and famously good taste that has earned PG Tips a place in our catalogue. Dip and remove to your heart’s content with PG Tips 100 Tags and String teabags.

From Tetley, Vending Superstore is offering a 100 Pack of Tetley Unique Easy Squeeze Drawstring teabags Non Drip. 100 teabags should last you a good while, depending on how many tea guzzlers you’ve got in the office or family. The drawstring bag means that drips on your counter become a thing of the past. Employees, family members and guests won’t create those little drip-drip trails to the bin every time they make a brew.

Big Packs for Lots of Tea Drinkers

Buy enough to keep everyone supplied. No mug will be left tagless or stringless with these big packs. These 100 teabag packs are perfect for workplaces and big tea drinking families. Big packs mean that you get more tea for your pound, and it’s all sure to be drunk quickly, so why not buy as large a pack as possible? Your workmates can take a break, recharge and get right back to work. If you need to cater for guests, they’ll welcome a high-quality cuppa. Take a little time out of your evenings to get everyone in the family a mug of steaming PG Tips or Tetley – it’s amazing what a cup of tea can do.

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