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Catering-sized packs

Here at Vending Superstore we offer a wide variety of Teabags both in bulk and in lower quantities. So, however many people you are trying to cater for, you can feel confident that when you buy our catering teabags, there won’t be any empty mugs.

We are pleased to be bringing tea to the masses, here at Vending Superstore. Tea is something that everyone deserves to drink, whenever they want to. Days are started by and conversations had over a warm brew. It’s stuff that brings us together, and everyone has their favourite brand and blend. Also, everyone has their favourite way of making tea. In a pot or a mug, milk first or milk second, leaving the tea bag in it to brew or squeezing it and chucking it.

Both Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade items are available for all your catering needs. Your cuppa will be made all the more delicious and comforting, knowing that those who farmed the tea, have been paid a fair price for their labours.

Brands and blends for everyone

Tea is a very particular thing. No one makes a better cup of tea for yourself than you do. But, we want to make sure that catered tea is given the best possible chance to impress you, with a comprehensive selection of possible brews to choose from. We think you and your guests or employees are going to be pleasantly surprised.

Choose from a fine selection of tea brands to ensure that everyone has a cuppa they’ll love. PG Tips is the first UK tea brand to be Rainforest Alliance certified. Choose between a modest 100 and an absolutely enormous 1150 tea bags of delicious PG Tips tea.

We’re also proud to offer Tetley, tea suppliers since 1837 – with Tetley, you’ve got a choice between 440 bags and 1100 bags, so nobody is going to miss out on a cuppa.

For something a little more Northern, Vending Superstore have got a pack of 1200 Yorkshire Tea Bags to let you have a proper brew. We believe in giving you the maximum amount of choice when it comes to tea.

This isn’t the only tea we sell! Don’t forget here at Vending Superstore we also stock a range of enveloped tea bags, string and tag teabags, and vending machine tea. No matter how you want your tea, we can cater for you.

Perfect for workplaces

Buy your office’s favourite brand, but if you’ve got conflicting opinions, then buy a few different brands to please everyone. We’ve got huge catering-size packs to give everyone in the office the perfect brew and make sure no one misses out. Give everyone a little pick-me-up in a meeting, so that you can get that project finished and signed off.

This is also the most cost-effective way of buying tea for the office, which is absolutely crucial when for businesses looking to keep costs down. We transfer the benefits of economies of scale to you – why buy tea any other way?