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Nescafe & Go Foil Sealed Cup Drinks

Nescafe & Go Foil Sealed Drinks

Sometimes, you don’t have the time to spend on the complete ceremony of making a cup of tea or coffee. Maybe you’re on the way to an important meeting, or on the way to pick up your kids from school. What you need is something quick and simple, what you need is Nescafe & Go Foil Sealed Drinks.

A variety of blends and drinks grants you or your customers an excellent selection of cups to choose from. It can sometimes seem like life is getting too busy, buy yourself some time with Nescafe & Go Foil Sealed Drinks.

Perfectly Suited for Retail

Vending Superstore’s ranges are often aimed at retailers, so we know that we have to convince you of our products’ attractiveness before you will stock what we’re selling. With a product as good as Nescafe & Go however, this won’t be too hard.

Customers will love the convenience and easy dispensing. An intuitive dispensing system, simply pull back the foil seal on each 12oz drink and add hot water – great for retail or on the go.

Each 12oz Nescafe & Go cup contains branded ingredients from brands you and your customers know and love, including Nescafe, Aero and Tetley. Each drink is foil sealed for freshness and has approximately a 6-12 month shelf life. This means you can stock up on cups to make sure that you won’t run out and disappoint your customers.

If you’re a retailer which relies on cold, hard numbers, then the figures we’ve got should be of interest to you. The cups in this range come in multipack sizes of 8 and 16, giving you significant savings on each drink. Nescafe & Go is great for profit margins too, each drink has a RRP of £1.50. Selling only 20 drinks per day could see you achieve an annual turnover of in excess of £10,000.

Choice as Well as Convenience

Your favourite drink can start your day off in just the right way. A tasty coffee, hot chocolate or cup of tea will refresh, relax and motivate you to get the most out of the day ahead. The quick and easy dispensing will give customers more time to get on with their errands and work.

However, just because Nescafe & Go is so quick, doesn’t mean that there is a focus on speed over choice. Customers might be in a hurry but they also want a selection of their favourite hot drinks to choose from. We want them to be picky, because they can afford to be. At Vending Superstore, we’re really impressed by the choice that Nescafe & Go are showcasing.

This range has a brilliant selection of drinks, flavours and blends that will please you and your customers. Whether you like Gold Blend coffee, frothy cappuccinos and lattes, creamy Aero hot chocolate or Tetley tea, Nescafe & Go has the drink to make your day. For the ultimate in convenience, go for Original 3 in 1 White Coffee, a cup that includes coffee, sugar and milk already in it, just add hot water and you’re good to go.

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