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Individually Wrapped Biscuit Portion Packs

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Individually Wrapped Biscuits

Looking to buy individually wrapped biscuits? All of our mini packs of biscuits are all individually wrapped and sealed for hygiene and freshness. Our individually wrapped biscuits are ideal for meeting rooms, hospitality trays, hotels, guesthouses or even on the go.

Many hotels & guest houses buy wrapped biscuits from us for the in room hospitality tray, providing guests with a delicious trasting biscuit from one of our ranges.

We stock individually wrapped biscuits from Café Bronte, Border, Crawfords and many more. Our Crawfords mini packs are individually wrapped biscuits and include varieties such as custard creams and bourbons alongside other favourites such as digestives and ginger nuts.

Our border biscuit luxury mini packs are individually wrapped biscuits from the border range and include biscuits such as chocolate chip brownies and butterscotch crunch and are a firm favourite amongst many of our customers.

Looking to buy individually wrapped biscuits for the workplace? Our range of individually wrapped biscuit and biscuit portion packs are very popular in a variety of workplace settings. How about our Nestle Big Biscuit box? A selection of your Nestle favourites including Kit Kat and Drifter bars. Individually wrapped biscuits are a much better choice than a packet as they are individually sealed for freshness, meaning they last longer allowing you to offer a wider variety of biscuit.

Our Lotus Individually wrapped biscuits are the ideal coffee biscuit, popular up and down the country – the individually wrapped caramelised biscuits are a firm favourite and the go to choice for many a cup of coffee. Why not buy a great value box of 300 from us here at Vending Superstore?

Whichever individually wrapped biscuits you go for – we’re sure you’ll be delighted with your choice. Need help and want to talk biscuits? Our team can help on 01773 252052.

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