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Hotel Room Toiletries & Amenities Including Shampoos & Shower Gels

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Run a hotel, guesthouse or B&B (bed and breakfast) and need to provide some quality travel sized toiletries to your guests in the bathroom? We now provide hoteliers with a wide and complete range of high quality toiletries and amenities including shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, soap bars, shower caps, hygienically wrapped disposable water cups and more. No matter if you’re a large hotel or a smaller guest house / B&B or even if you just want some travel sized toiletries, we have the range for you. Shop from our luxury range of shampoo, shower gels, conditioners, handwash and soaps in a variety of different scents and looks. Each one has been handpicked by our team to ensure you offer your guests the very best in their hotel room and bathroom. You can buy our hotel toiletries individually in smaller packs or larger bulk buys.

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