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Lavazza Coffee Beans By The Case

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The pure Arabica blend from differing origins gives it a beautiful crema and a well-balanced medium caffeine content with nutty and chocolatey tones.

Lavazza Pienaroma is very much a top-of-the-range coffee and is perfect for anyone looking to either indulge themselves, or offer truly outstanding coffee to their customers. It is perfectly suited for making original Italian espresso, Macchiato and Cappuccino. Like all Lavazza roasts, these beans are suitable for all conventional coffee machines.

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Lavazza Dek Decaffeinated Espresso beans – decaffeinated through a natural water process – removing 99% of the caffeine. Blended using premium Arabica beans from Brazil and sweet Asian coffees, which combine to give an aromatic and creamy coffee.

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A blend made from natural and washed coffee beans, particularly mellow and sweet, grown on selected plantations in Brazil, Central America and Asia. Round, balanced, with an intense aftertaste.

ROASTING: medium
AROMA AND FLAVOUR: round, balanced, with an intense aftertaste

Lavazza is synonymous with quality coffee all over the world, this comes directly from over a century of passion for coffee, experience, research and innovation. Rich and full bodied.

Blend Characteristics

Aroma – 4
Body – 4
Intensity – 5

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Imported from Italy, Lavazza Super Crema coffee beans are a great all-round Lavazza premium coffee, and is our best selling variety of coffee beans. Perfect for use where style, flavour and image is important to your business. Super Crema is particularly well suited for making lattes and cappuccinos, and as a result, is our best-selling blend of Lavazza coffee beans.

Each 1kg bag of Lavazza Super Crema coffee beans makes approximately 140 single espressos.

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Lavazza Tierra is a sustainable development project combining product quality with improved living conditions for the three small-scale coffee growing communities involved. Lavazza singled out three disadvantaged coffee producing communities in Honduras, Colombia and Peru and provided technical assistance to help make their farms sustainable.

A great alternative to Fairtrade coffee, Tierra is an ethical choice with a genuinely outstanding flavour. Each bag makes around 140 espressos.

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A full-bodied blend with a pleasing chocolatey flavour made up of a selection of the sweetest and roundest Asian varieties of beans, carefully combined with the fragrant mild beans of Central American highlands and smooth Brazilian varieties.

ROASTING: medium
AROMA AND FLAVOUR: a full-bodied blend with a chocolatey flavour

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Lavazza Grande Ristorazione coffee beans is a blend of full-bodied and aromatic origins from Africa, Asia and South America. It is characterized by a medium rich body and is perfect for milk-based drinks and real Italian espresso. Lavazza Grande Ristorazione distinguishes itself with a good balance between sourness and bitterness.

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Looking to serve Italys favourite coffee? Lavazza is our best selling branded coffee bean. Our Lavazza coffee beans are sold in 6 x 1kg cases offering ultimate value and some of the lowest prices you’ll find for Lavazza coffee beans. Why buy your Lavazza coffee beans from elsewhere when Vending Superstore offers the ultimate value? We sell hundreds of cases of Lavazza coffee beans to customers all over the UK with high quality blends such as Qualita Rossa, Grande Ristorazione, Crema e Aroma and Super Crema it is easy to see why Lavazza is a number one choice for many of our customers. Our warehouse in Derbyshire keeps a variety of different Lavazza coffee bean blends in stock for immediate dispatch with next day delivery available and free shipping on orders over £75.00.

Our Lavazza coffee beans can be used in a vending machine, tabletop coffee machine or in a traditional grinder. Not sure which blend to try first? Our top selling Lavazza coffee beans are available to buy by the 1kg bag, giving you the chance to taste the greatness of Lavazza for yourself. Lavazza is served in bars, restaurants and cafes around the world and across the UK. Why not try it in your workplace machine too?

If you need any advice with our Lavazza range, our great Vending Superstore team will help advise on which coffee beans would suit you best. Don’t forget we also sell a range of Lavazza accessories including pavement signs, sugar sticks and 12oz branded Lavazza takeaway cups.

Next day delivery is available on our Lavazza range. Buy a Lavazza bean blend that we don’t yet stock? Get in touch for a price and lead time. Our team can be contacted on 01773 252052.

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