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Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

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6 x 500g Bag
Dark Roast
Top Quality Premium Coffee
Packed Freshly In Foil Bags
Aromatic, Dark Roasted – This fantastic Dark Roast Decaffeinated Espresso consists of mainly premium Arabica Beans and a small amount of high-quality Robusta. The roasting time and blend composition delivers a coffee with depth and strength yet is round with a slightly spicy aftertaste.

This espresso blend mixes well with milk to produce a smooth, aromatic cappuccino and also gives a well-balanced espresso.

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Lavazza Dek Decaffeinated Espresso beans – decaffeinated through a natural water process – removing 99% of the caffeine. Blended using premium Arabica beans from Brazil and sweet Asian coffees, which combine to give an aromatic and creamy coffee.

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