Catering & Office Coffee Tins

Is somebody at your workplace constantly scraping the bottom of the barrel when making a drink? Perhaps early morning groans can be heard when nobody has been to the shop and supplies are dangerously low. Fear not, we’ve got the answer to solve all these common problems.

Vending Superstore offers a range of big coffee tins, perfect for those busy workplaces and even busier tearooms. With a whole host of workplace and office coffee options on offer, there’ll be no more arguing or weary, coffee-less mornings.

Office Coffee from the Nation’s Favourites

With arguably the most comprehensive range of instant coffee, you’re sure to find your favourite. Though, Vending Superstore won’t be able to help with any debate over which coffee you should be getting for the office.

Nescafe is undoubtedly one the nation’s favourite brands. We’ve got their finest offerings right here, including the classic Original, the delectable Gold Blend, barista style Azera and decaff. If you’re feeling like offering something extra special, Nescafe Café Menu Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato powders provide a sense of luxury to your morning.

Kenco Smooth Roast and Kenco Decaff are available, side by side, with the ever-popular Millicano. As far as workplace or office coffee is concerned, you won’t find many people who are going to be unimpressed with these products.

We also supply premium Maxwell Roast, Café Nueva and Lyons rich roast coffee tins. Perfectly blended with a smooth and rich taste to satisfy the taste of just about anybody, these products could be just what your place needs to stay coffee-satisfied.

Find the Right Size

No matter how many people are around at any given time, we’ve got a coffee tin to suit. Starting at an impressive 500g and going all the way up to cases of 6 x 750g (4.5kg) coffee tins, however much you need we’ve got you covered.

Even if there’s just a few of you in the office, it’s always a comfort to know that there’s enough office coffee to last a fair while. Buy an extra tin to make sure that you won’t run out anytime soon. With these coffee tins, everybody gets the perfect scenario.

Always Low Prices

With such a great range of products, you might think that there are high prices attached. That couldn’t be further from the truth, though. We aim to keep or prices low. Economies of scale mean that you’ll be getting much better value than with smaller measures.

Almost every workplace needs coffee, so why have it at ridiculous prices? We’re committed to great products at great prices here at Vending Superstore. Whether it’s coffee tins or anything else, we strive to offer everything at the best possible cost.

Ready to Help

Got any questions? Need to clear anything up? We’re always on hand to offer practical advice and answer any questions that are on your mind.

Whatever the nature of your questions, don’t be afraid to send them over to us. A member of our super-friendly team will be there to help you out.

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