Cafe Aroma Coffee Beans

Looking for the freshest tastes for your coffee vending machine? You can’t get much fresher than our splendid range of coffee beans. For an early morning pick me up, a midday boost or quite simply just a warm and refreshing beverage, these products are some of the best around.

Here at Vending Superstore we love coffee and pride ourselves in our premium blend coffee beans. We believe that a vending machine doesn’t have to supply inferior quality and select our products based on an ability to deliver the ultimate coffee experience with every single sip

Great Range of Coffee Vending Machine Products
We supply products from some of the most loved brands around. The likes of Lyon and Lavazza are available, as is a range of our own Café Aroma fuel. We feel that Café Aroma Fuel, and future planned additional roasts, easily stand up to and surpass the competition of the “well-known brands”.

Don’t believe us? We’d love the chance to prove it. Hit us up on and we’ll be happy to send you a trial bag for your coffee vending machine completely free of charge. We’re sure that you’ll love it; it may even become your first choice coffee beans!

Inspired Tastes
When we say we take coffee seriously, we really do mean it. We’ve travelled around the UK, from roaster to roaster, trialling coffee beans to find the very best blends from around the world, including options originating from South America and the surrounding areas.

Many of these products are compliant with the Rainforest Alliance, fair trade and organic. We can also arrange special orders of triple certified roasted coffee beans. If this is something that you currently require please contact us so that we can discuss your exact requirements.

Keeping your Machines Fuelled
Coffee vending machines are some of the most popular machines in the workplace, waiting areas, train stations and public places. A lot of coffee beans pass through each and every day. We don’t want you run out so we’ve put together some rather big bags to make sure you can continue to keep everybody happy.

Our range of options consist of a handy scope of different sizes including 1kg, 6 x 1kg, 12 x 1kg and 12 x 500g coffee beans. Simply find your preferred brand and blend and pick the size suitable for your machine and use. It really couldn’t be much easier or more convenient.

On Hand for You
Coffee is a big subject in a lot of places and getting it right is vital. You’d be surprised by the number of people that claim not to be able to function properly without it. That could be a fair few grumpy faces, to say the least.

We like to think of ourselves as experts in coffee vending machines. If you need any help at all, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’d be more than happy to help you out in any way that can.

Give us a call on 01773 252052 or send us over an email. Whether you’re after a complimentary sample of our Café Aroma Fuel coffee beans, enquiring about different blends or anything else, our friendly team is on hand to help out.