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Lavazza Coffee Beans Sale Now On!

Looking for Lavazza coffee beans? We have reduced the prices on our best selling Lavazza lines and they are now at our lowest prices ever and amongst the best prices available online.


Which Lavazza Blend?

Not sure which Lavazza blend is right for you? Lavazza produces a range of seven coffee blends for the Foodservice or ‘Out of Home’ market. These are superior in quality to the products produced for home consumption. Our best selling Lavazza blends are outlined below, but we’d always recommend trying them all!

Lavazza Super Crema
Blended especially for Northern Europe and North America, Lavazza Super Crema is the USA’s favourite blend. Super Crema is blended from smooth Brazilians, Central American milds and delicate, sweet Indonesian coffee beans, with both washed and unwashed Arabicas and fine washed Robusta beans included. Lavazza Super Crema produces a strong but velvet espresso with an excellent creamy consistence across a wide range of production conditions. Works well in cappuccino and latte too.

Lavazza Ristorazione
Blended especially for the catering and vending market. Lavazza Grande Ristorazione beans are blended from Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from Africa, Asia and South America. Medium roast with a rich body and medium acidity. Lavazza Grande Ristorazione is the perfect start to any milk based coffee or makes a great stand alone Italian espresso.

Lavazza Crema E Aroma
A blend of coffee with a pleasant, strong and intense taste and a velvety and persistent cream. An Arabica and Robusta blend. Strong and Full Bodied.

Lavazza Qualita Rossa
A unique blend of Robusta and Arabica beans featuring an aromatic, smooth, well-rounded flavour. A versatile coffee, great with or without milk. Hints of chocolate and dried fruit with a full and sustained taste.

Lavazza Pienaroma
A refined blend of 100% Arabica coffee from Rainforest Alliance certified farms, particularly aromatic with a sweet aroma of figs and jasmine flowers.

Lavazza Alteco Organic
Composed of a blend of organic beans from precious Central American Mountain origins, the blend is gently roasted to give notes of honey and dried fruit. The finish is of chocolate with spicy notes of bitter cocoa. As well as being Organic: certified BIO, this blend is also UTZ certified. A Medium-Dark roast.

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