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Lyons Rich Coffee 750g – Rich all day drinking. Just perfect for satisfying that anytime-of-day coffee craving. A Great British brand that was trusted by our parents and grandparents. Now it’s back! With good honest value, great quality and, more importantly, a sense of fun and humour, which typifies the Great British stiff upper lip! Our best value coffee tin, ideal for the workplace.

Lyons Rich Coffee Tin 750g – Rich all day drinking.

18 individually wrapped and sealed coffee bags, rich and full bodied and a true all-rounded, blend no3 is one of our best sellers. Great, real coffee in a bag – how fantastic is that?

300g bag of Colombian Freeze Dried coffee granules, ideal for all vending and Coffee Machines. These are packed in 300g bags to ensure freshness. Colombian Coffee is smooth and offers a well-balanced flavour. It also produces lots of heavy body. Colombian is a great all round great tasting coffee.

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